Update on Kitazawa seeds

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The daikon (pictured), turnips and burdock seeds are all up in the beds. I was worried about there not being enough warmth to sprout these seeds in the ground but my fears have been allayed. Is there anything better than seeing seed leaves poke through the soil’s surface and open their faces to the sun? Not many things top that for me . . . The leafy greens and onions are waiting to be transplanted. More on them later . . .  

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It’s NOT raining . . .

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Peggy is set up at Temescal, ready to receive visitors. She has those final plants you need to finish up your fall/winter garden. I’ll be stopping by a bit later. Drop by and see if there’s anything you need. Or just drop by to say goodbye for 2012. We’ll see you in the spring. Happy holidays! Helen + Peggy

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Japanese Farm Food

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In September, Peggy and I went to the National Heirloom Expo in Santa Rosa. Maya Shiroyama from Kitazawa Seed Co. was an exhibitor there. I mentioned we had received a review copy of Japanese Farm Food by Nancy Singleton Hachisu at Edible East Bay. When I suggested the idea of growing the basic vegetables used in the recipes in the book, Maya started suggesting varieties for us to grow. (kitazawaseed.com) The spirited conversation continued...

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