Cover crop emerges

Posted by on Dec 14, 2012 in From the nursery, Home page

The other day as I was cleaning out a bed of morning glory (the intentional kind, not the weedy kind), it occurred to me that the four plants that ended up covering an eight foot section of fence started out from four small seeds. In one season they grew so large that their plant material filled our green bin to the top. And here I was taking all this material that was created from nutrients in the soil and sending it away. I know this is not...

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Time to thin the Japanese veggies or ‘Off with their heads!’

Posted by on Dec 11, 2012 in From the nursery, Home page

Today is the day to thin the root vegetable seedlings. They are growing robustly so I want to make sure the strongest seedling will grow unimpeded by competition. Since I planted two seeds in each hole, it is time to remove the plants sprouted from the extra seeds I planted as insurance. Instead of pulling out the extra seedling, I cut it off near ground level.┬áThis way, I’m not disturbing the remaining plant’s roots. I feel this is...

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