Tomato of the Week: Green Doctors Frosted

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Green Doctors Frosted is a new cherry variety we are excited about. It was mentioned in the SF Chronicle article a few weeks back as one of our current favorites. We love the flavor better than Green Grape. It looks ‘frosted’ because it has a clear skin, not a yellow one. The small, slightly oval fruits are borne in abundance and blush slightly gold when ripe. The plants are large and we had to truss them up good to keep the...

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Tomato of the Week: Black Cherry

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Black Cherry is a vigorous grower that produces lots of cherries over the whole summer and fall. The flavor has the signature ‘black tomato smokiness’ and is sweet and tender. Consider adding Black Cherry to your tomato patch or trading out a red cherry this season for something new and beautiful. For those of you who want a rich heirloom flavor but don’t have the hours of sun and heat needed to ripen a beefsteak variety, this...

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Tomato of the Week: Carmello

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We’ve noticed you are overlooking Carmello tomato so we want to sing it’s praises! This medium sized red mid-season French beauty has a loyal following among our customers. We grew it again last year after many years. It’s flavor is wonderful—sweet with old-time tomatoey highlights. It’s a great main season crop that’s good for slicing as well as fresh over pasta etc. It has a thin skin so doesn’t pack...

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SF Chronicle article

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All week I’ve been waiting for last Sunday’s SF Chronicle’s Home & Garden article we were featured in to be posted on SFGate. It was called ‘Tomatoes for your Terroir’ and covered four areas of the Bay Area. We were covered for the East Bay. Writer Sophia Markoulakis did a smashing job. We were very happy with it. Some folks showed up on Sunday at the Temescal market waving copies. It was fun to be stars for a...

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