This is the first weekend we will have flowering sweet peas. Peggy has planted lots of varieties to choose from. One of my faves, April in Paris, is pictured above. There is nothing like the fragrance of these fragile looking flowers when you pass by them in your garden in the spring. We like to plant ours in the fall so that they will start flowering in December or January and, with frequent cutting, will continue to bloom throughout spring.

It can be a bit disconcerting when the weather cools as they look like they are not growing. But actually they are sending out a robust root system below ground. When the weather warms, their vines shoot up very rapidly, supported by those roots. Make sure you give them something tall to climb up. Check the Legumes page under the Growing info menu to get some trellising tips. Plant your edible peas now as well for all the good reasons listed above.

You can plant sweet peas and edible peas in the spring as well but they may get mildew when the fog starts coming in late spring.