Today I planted the last of the tomatoes in our raised bed. It is infected with the Fusarium pathogen so it’s a struggle to grow tomatoes in it. Last ¬†year we grew Defiant and it thrived and produced lots of delicious medium sized fruits and we still were harvesting in November. We’ve grown Enchantment many times and it does fine as well. This year I’ve added Legend and Iron Lady to see how they will fare. It feels good to get our own garden going. I also planted two Tasty Green cucumbers and two Magda summer squash as I can eat them everyday! I’m contemplating adding some beans but Peggy has planted lots of Musica romanos in at the growing space¬†Alameda and they are my hands down favorite. Basil for sure and some shiso for salads. It feels luxurious to have some empty room to play with.

Peggy has planted a few other tomatoes here in our Earth Boxes and many more in the raised beds in Alameda. So, we should be in good shape for the tomato tasting on Labor Day. Never does to be too cocky about these things, though. Peggy remarked on the cool overcast weather today and said ‘I hope the summer isn’t like this . . .’