My ‘Japanese Farm Food’ test garden has produced some sweet eating! We have harvested the Beka Santoh cabbage and used it in a salad and the Komatsuna mustard spinach in a stir-fry. They were both sweet and are starting to bolt just now. The turnips and daikon have quite a ways to go. I pulled out the tiniest turnip the other day and enjoyed a tiny taste. It was good!

The burdock has been a slug/snail magnet. They are eating all the leaves as they emerge. I finally got around to putting oat bran around them so I hope that will slow down the damage. I’ll report more about that when I see the effects. I planted the Okayama Salad lettuce in the same box as the Beka Santoh. The amazing thing is that the snails ate holes in the cabbage but haven’t touched the lettuce. Could this be a slug-proof variety?! We’ll see if they do once I pull out the cabbage.

Gardening is endlessly fascinating!