Happy New Year to you all!

We got back from visiting Peggy’s Dad in New Jersey last week. It’s now colder here than there. We packed way too many warm clothes. How lucky we are to live here in California! We saw some of the devastation of superstorm Sandy. There were many trees down in the park near Peggy’s Dad’s house and along the roads. We heard they aren’t cutting them up or taking them away because there’s absolutely no room anywhere to put them.

The really big eye opener for me was that we really couldn’t get good fresh local veggies there. It’s obvious why but still it was a shock for my body. We actually went to Whole Foods and everything looked like it had spent too much time in a refrigerated truck and tasted that way too. We didn’t spend any time looking for other stores or farmers markets so this isn’t based on research, just our limited experience.

I came home with such gratefulness that we live here in our Eden. A few days after we got home we were at the Grand Lake Farmers Market relishing the sight of mountains of fresh veggies that had been picked that morning. And feeling sooo grateful for all the farmers who were freezing their butts off to be there.

Our veggie garden was attacked by snails while we were away but I think it’s even too cold for them to come out at night these days . . . Once the weather warms up everything will start growing again.