In 2017 our favorite tomato varieties performed well and gave us lots of delicious fruit. Here are some of our favorites from last season:



Bloody Butcher, an open pollinated potato-leafed variety that produces small red really tasty fruits. It matures early and continues fruiting all summer.






Cosmonaut Volkov

Cosmonaut Volkov,  an open pollinated regular leafed medium red which is very sweet, productive and early.







Pink Berkeley Tie-dye

Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye, an open pollinated small pink beefsteak with metallic green stripes and delicious flavor. This is pretty early for a beefsteak, about 75 days, and really prolific. Beautiful and tasty.






Cherokee Green

Cherokee Green, came from a spontaneous mutation of Cherokee Purple, and it has the most delicious sweet flavor. It is a medium beefsteak that finishes green. A bit of yellow shows on its shoulders to let you know it’s ready to eat. It produces lots of fruit for a long time. We love it.




Ananas-Noire- Kassenhoff

Ananas Noire

Every year we grow Ananas Noire, also known as Black Pineapple. It always produces lots of dark beefsteaks that are brown on the outside, and red and green inside. Smokiness and sweetness contributes to a flavor that is amazing. It is not that late for a beefsteak tomato and it never fails for us.





Pruden’s Purple

Pruden’s Purple, a big pink potato-leafed beefsteak that tastes like Brandywine but is earlier and more prolific. We’ve been growing this for many years and really love the flavor.






Lillian’s Yellow Heirloom


Lillian’s Yellow Heirloom, a potato-leafed big yellow beefsteak that produces fruits over one pound that have the most delicious flavor. We grow it every year and are never disappointed.







Home Stoop

And this year we tried two new varieties, Estate and Homestoop. Both were bred at Wild Garden Seed in Oregon. The medium red fruits have some Stupice in them so they are tasty and prolific. We liked them enough to offer them this year.

That’s the short list for big tomatoes.





For cherries, we grew Jolly, a large pink cherry with a point on the end that is always sweet and perfect.








Blush, an elongated yellow-red striped cherry that holds on the vine, has a sweet taste and is really beautiful.







Dr. Carolyn

Dr. Carolyn, a yellow cherry that has sweetness with a zip and produces tons of fruit.

There are more that we love, but this is a good starter list.





I had leftover Charentais melon plants and put them in a bed at the growing space. I was so pleased that they grew well and then produced over 30 delicious melons. So if you have some room in a sunny spot, try growing them this year. The flavor is incredible!