Aji Lucento pepper

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Aji Lucento pepper is a Capsicum pubescens. It has black seeds and soft, fuzzy leaves (pubescens is Latin for hairy) and is only known in cultivation, there are no wild varieties known. It will not cross pollinated with other species of peppers. It is grown primarily in Central and South America in the Andean cloud forests at high elevations. The story of this plant goes back at least 16 years. Our friend Bill was vacationing in Riobamba,...

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This is a first! A squirrel has made a meal of our Magda zucchini plant. It ate out the centre. Luckily, the plant still lives and Peggy has made a chicken wire enclosure to discourage more damage. Hopefully this isn’t the start of a bad neighbors episode. We stopped growing corn and sunflowers as that’s asking for certain disappointment. Otherwise, our garden is flourishing! Some customers have told us that they re harvesting cherry...

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We’ve gotten some queries from customers about diseases and pests. This weekend is the perfect opportunity to get your questions answered by the experts! The UC Botanical Garden offers this invaluable service on the first Saturday of every month. UC Botanical Garden SICK PLANT CLINIC FREE W/ GARDEN ADMISSION Saturday, May 4, 9 am – 12 pm Attend the monthly Sick Plant Clinic and find out which diseases ail your...

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Save the date!

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Helen will be participating in The 2013 Glenview Cottage Industry Show Date: Saturday, May 11 Time: 10 to 5pm Location: Park Blvd Presbyterian Church, 4101 Park Blvd, Oakland Cross Street: Glen Park Rd I will be selling my watercolor cards and calendars. Over 30 other local vendors will be displaying and selling their creations that include handmade furniture, glasswork and art. There’s time to stop by after the farmers’ market—I...

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Tomato of the Week: Green Doctors Frosted

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Green Doctors Frosted is a new cherry variety we are excited about. It was mentioned in the SF Chronicle article a few weeks back as one of our current favorites. We love the flavor better than Green Grape. It looks ‘frosted’ because it has a clear skin, not a yellow one. The small, slightly oval fruits are borne in abundance and blush slightly gold when ripe. The plants are large and we had to truss them up good to keep the...

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